A couple of successful Entrepreneurs

2 very enjoyable days for the company Equiteq, photographing 2 guys who’d sold their businesses and were now able to spend  more time on other activities. A really nice relaxed brief, though with an aim to get a horizon in if possible and some space to lay text over for their website.


Nice to open the post and unexpectedly see your pictures smiling back at you – a day in the studio for NatWest, we did lots of different business start up types and obviously they feel I clearly tick the box of young female working in the building industry..IMG_5455

Party Leaders

Had the great fortune/misfortune depending on which way you look at it, to hear all 3 party leaders do their x-factor final electioneering performances for the CBI judges this week. Surprisingly it was Ed Miliband who came across with the most charisma, actually answering the questions he was asked and as the one i’d most like to go for a pint with…i’d have lost money on that! He also attracted the most paps, all out to get the picture of him pulling a silly face or something. Highlight of the day though was definitely R2D2 trundling op a ramp onto stage with the Pinewood CEO’s missing speech.

Mudlarking on the Thames

Spent yesterday afternoon keeping it ‘old skool’ with just a 40mm fixed lens – forces you to get closer to the action/talk to people – like these ‘Mudlarkers’ beach-combing on the Thames. The first guy Alex had arranged a holiday from Australia and had his official permit from the Port of London Authorty to do just that. He assured me that the pins in his hand were from gentleman’s  Elizabethan dress and that the bits of smoker’s clay pipes that I found for the last photo date back to the 16th Century – there were lots of them in the mud, apparently they were sold pre-filled with tobacco and were thrown away once used by the dock workers.

Practising pianists


The amazing concert pianist duo Julian Jacobson and Mariko Brown