Nike installations

A couple of awesome installations for Nike, by Hotel Creative.

3 Peaks Challenge

A tiring weekend spent mainly on coaches and, in between, on the beautiful¬†landscapes of Ben Nevis in Scotland, Helvellyn in England and Snowdon in Wales, shooting teams of nutters running up and down the peaks, over a 24 hour period, raising lots of money for The Sailors’ Society. Next time will take a decent tripod, though some of the most amazing scenery is seen through a coach window – sunrise on Helvellyn in the Lake District was especially memorable.

Moorhouse Consulting

Some portraits of the nice folk at Moorhouse Consulting a couple days ago, great to walk into their office and see some of my previous work for them, black and white street stuff, going up on their walls and being used on the covers of their publications.

Thank You!

Wow, what a week..Was lucky enough to have my last post picked up and ‘Freshly Pressed’ by the lovely folk at WordPress, one of only 8 on that day, and since then have had almost 9000 views, in 62 countries!

Truly exciting to suddenly feel like you have an audience for your work, and one that’s left such amazingly positive comments. I feel the pressure now to keep the standard up!

I do hope that all the new followers will stick with me through the odd not very interesting corporate portrait, after all this site is partly designed to be a shop window for the odd punter who might help with the day job of actually getting paid to take pictures, but the feedback has inspired me to get out and do some more ‘own work’ (hate that term!), stuff like the New York shots. I’m very lucky to get paid to take all types of pictures, and it’s the real variation in subject matter that makes it so interesting, but I hope to use the positive vibe that this has given me to now maybe dust off and rediscover a bit of the drive to shoot some new documentary work, which is really the stuff I enjoy doing most.

Here’s a shot of my son going someway to describing the emotion I felt every time the inbox pinged with a new follower this week!

Thanks again for looking.


Liberty night shoot

A late/early one yesterday at Liberty, shooting a brilliant new installation by Hotel Creative for Nike.