State Opening of Parliament 2014

After the rehearsal the real thing. The challenge every year is to get new shots as I’m standing in the same places, watching a meticulously planned ceremony that hasn’t changed for many a year. Usually it’s the people around the edges that make for interesting pictures.


2 Prime Ministers and a Senate meeting

Another interesting job last week courtesy of the House of Lords. The Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, spoke to members from both houses in the Robing Room, possibly the goldest room on the planet (making the recording of accurate skin tones a challenge!). Was very interesting to see the dynamic of British PM, David Cameron, and the leaders of the other parties, Ed Miliband  and Nick Clegg, chatting very informally before and afterwards. The following day I covered the annual meeting of the heads/speakers of the Senates of Europe – i.e the House of Lords equivalents – and shot the official group photo, in a room full of mirrors, remembering to duck down at the last minute to avoid getting in the picture myself..

Monarchy, skeletons, footballers, suits, musicians and strippers, a busy May.

Yep, bit of everything this month, at least a couple of the jobs merit their own edit and post when I get time, but in the meantime here’s a few faves from the 14,000+ frames I’ve shot this month (not including a big file called New York on my desktop which has yet to be edited!). Commissioned shots from the state opening of Parliament, a nike installation, some classical pianists and of the new England football strip in the changing rooms at Wembley before their game last Weds. Oh, and a ‘burlesque’ dancer from an entertaining one-off event at the Old Vic Tunnels under Waterloo.

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