Monarchy, skeletons, footballers, suits, musicians and strippers, a busy May.

Yep, bit of everything this month, at least a couple of the jobs merit their own edit and post when I get time, but in the meantime here’s a few faves from the 14,000+ frames I’ve shot this month (not including a big file called New York on my desktop which has yet to be edited!). Commissioned shots from the state opening of Parliament, a nike installation, some classical pianists and of the new England football strip in the changing rooms at Wembley before their game last Weds. Oh, and a ‘burlesque’ dancer from an entertaining one-off event at the Old Vic Tunnels under Waterloo.

_RH_1890_RH_2171_RH_2297ROG_0978_RH_2356_RH_2501ROG_0019 ROG_2635ROG_2430 ROG_5352 ROG_5355 ROG_4060ROG_5171_RH_4746

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