New York streets

Was lucky to get a brief stay in New York last month, and basically just spent 2 days walking the streets of Manhattan with camera in hand, so enjoyable.

49 thoughts on “New York streets

  1. So many great ones! Love the black and whites (the tourists are great – sheer love of NY on their faces! (and shirts!), love the first one and the guy peeking out of the window.) Great shot of the Italian guy too. 🙂


  2. Nice! There is so much to see, notice and photograph in NYC. When I lived there 12 years ago, I fell in love with NY history and started looking at the city with a different set of eyes once I started learning more about the buildings I used to ignore on my walk to work everyday. You start to notice the old painted billboards on the side of buildings — you can see where buildings used to have others next to them that have since been torn down. The city comes alive, in a different way


  3. These are fantastic shots of life in NYC. The B+W shots really are emotive! Especially the cab driver and chess game.
    I have a question for you though. How do you go about taking photos of people on the street. There are some I can see you have just taken but others you have obviously asked people for their photo. How do you approach them and what do you say?


    • Hi Nic, thanks for your comments! I don’t have a set method of approach, sometimes I’m trying to get one without them looking, but with some of these portraits i just asked them outright, saying I’m just taking New York street shots for myself, and did they mind. In 2 days only one person said no. If you can engage them a bit in conversation you’ll normally get a bit longer to shoot, but make sure you’re camera and technical side is all ready to go before you approach them, and just be self-confident I guess is the best bit of advice I can give!


      • Thanks Roger.

        Just thought I’d let you know that I was in San Francisco this weekend and took on your advice. I was lucky enough to have everyone say yes and got a couple of great pictures too. Being Australian, I felt like people really warmed to me. A few of them didn’t quite turn out how I would have hoped but it was a big step and learning curve that I’m looking forward to continuing with. I wonder how the folks from here in Calgary will react.

        Thanks again



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