State Opening Rehearsal 2014

Trying to catch up here with a few of the more interesting jobs of late..


London Mayor Boris Johnson

A morning with London’s ever entertaining Mayor, Boris Johnson, for Square Mile Magazine on a visit to Smithfield’s meat market in East London. He initially received quite a mixed reaction from the workers there, most unhappy at having to pay Congestion Charge to get home in the mornings after working all night, but his slightly ‘bumbling’ style won most over – and you have to hand it to him, he does cycle everywhere, complete with Sellotaped helmet, something I can’t imagine his New York equivalent doing. Positioning of B.J. Meats sign a bit of a godsend, and did his arch-nemesis Ken Livingstone leave something behind?

Mosque visit

Had a fascinating evening last week at a London mosque photographing the visit of one of their religious leaders. It was great to get access to somewhere that I would never dream of going into normally, I was made so welcome and nobody objected to being photographed which made it doubly great, what with an amazing biryani thrown in too!

Late November London skyline

Fortunately high enough to see London looking glorious with the sun low in the sky a couple of days ago, though unfortunately, through some grubby windows. The skyline looking East changing pretty rapidly at the moment. Looking West, Battersea power station looks as iconic as ever, though with redevelopment there under way, that too likely to change.