The new Archbishop of Canterbury

Justin Welby, the new Archbishop of Canterbury, last year when he was just the lowly Dean of Liverpool

House of Lords – Question Time

Another interesting day in the House of Lords this week.

Some recent portraits

A few portraits for various magazines, a chap from Kwikfit, a gold miner (if you can understand the plans in the picture I’ll gladly go 50:50 on anything we find!), and a trustee of a film festival for women filmmakers – hopefully it’s obvious which one is which..

Crossrail FD David Allen for Financial Director magazine

A very impressive and relatively young man, in charge of the £14.8bn purse strings of the largest civil engineering project in Europe.

Lambeth hoop dreams

Community basketball project in Lambeth for Nike last month – really great group with their inspiring coach Jay Williams – absolutely loved it, really photogenic subject matter, stayed much longer than planned..

Lightning Bolt – the fastest man who has ever lived..till next week at least..

The shoot was a brochure for a language school at a Uni in north London last summer. Shot some students on the tennis courts, then wandering back to do some classroom shots, see some people on the athletics track. Several double takes later and after a check with bystanders, we realise that it’s the Jamaican national sprint team getting some training in, including the fastest man who’s ever lived, Usain Bolt.

Keen not to get moved on, interrupt anything or indeed get ejected from the premises with my job unfinished, I made a point of not using either of the cameras hanging round my neck whilst he was running, thinking that I might get a chance to ask to get a portrait when he’s finished, if I’m well behaved. Awesome 15 mins or so watching him and the others go through their paces with just a handful of people around – unfortunately still had work to do, so just grabbed 2 shots when I figured no one was looking, and that I wouldn’t get thrown out..