The Pigeon Men of New York

Two local celebrities in Washington Square Pk, New York. Larry the Pigeon Man used to live in the park but now comes in from Brooklyn everyday to feed his friends. He seems to have names for all of them and knows all their family trees. His friend William, a real estate broker, comes down from his office overlooking the park, most lunchtimes to feed and spend time with them too. Having raised two of them by hand several years ago, he’s certainly recognised by the birds, and the come to him in turn when their names are called.

They both do their best to quash the opinion of pigeons as dirty disease ridden animals – “with a body temp of 107 degrees, they can’t carry diseases that humans can catch” says William. Larry claims they know how to read and are the 4th smartest animals on the planet.

Two really sweet, caring guys.

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