The Queen in Westminster Hall


A bit late but here’s some pictures of the Queen visiting Westminster Hall just before Christmas to view the Diamond Jubilee Window now installed in the great window over the North Door. She also got to see the Chapel of St Mary Undercroft, which is located underneath Parliament, which rather surprisingly she had never seen before. It was all a bit of a challenge light wise as: A. there was none! and B. It was pointed out to me about 10 seconds before she arrived that ‘Her Majesty isn’t a fan of flash photography, she’ll give you a look to make it clear to you if you’re using it too much..’


Vaguely related royal story

An excuse with the Will and Kate baby shenanigans to dig out one of my fave shots from the Royal Wedding day – got a really great set of pictures that day, which I should have done something with by now! will put some more up when get round to it.